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Charley Smotherman


Hux Rittman

Aaron Billiot

Vocals & Guitar

Jacob Smith


The Dirty Delusions formed in the summer heat of 2016 in an East Nashville storage unit. Jacob and Aaron's vision for a rock 'n' roll band was in its infancy, and the sounds of legends like The Stooges, MC5, Jay Reatard, and The Arctic Monkeys would give it life.


With the addition of Charley and the completion of the three-piece, The Dirty Delusions began practicing and writing as quickly as possible, shaping their high energy garage rock into a style all their own. The Dirty Delusions, their self-titled debut EP, was released in Spring of 2017 and their 2nd EP Sell Yourself in 2018. They have been featured as a Critics Pick in The Nashville Scene and a featured artist on Modern City Folk, having developed a sound that mixes classic and new in a way rockers of all stripes can appreciate.


After spending 2019 recording their soon-to-be released debut full length, Aaron, Charley, and Jacob realized they had created an album with enough depth and body that a 3 piece could no longer do it justice. In early 2020, they added Hux as a 4th member on guitar and vocals so that "Too Young For Love" would be done justice when replicated live. COVID-19 may have thrown a wrench into the game for virtually every musician, but they are moving forward, releasing "I Hope It's Worth It" on August 4th.