Jacob Smith


Aaron Billiot

Vocals & Guitar

Charley Smotherman

Vocals & Bass

The Dirty Delusions formed in the summer heat of 2016 in an East Nashville storage unit. Jacob and Aaron's vision for a rock 'n' roll band was in its infancy, and the sounds of legends like The Stooges, MC5, Jay Reatard, and The Arctic Monkeys would give it life.

With the addition of Charley and the completion of the three-piece, The Dirty Delusions began practicing and writing as quickly as possible, shaping their high energy garage rock into a style all their own.


The Dirty Delusions released their self-titled debut EP in 2017 and their 2nd EP, "Sell Yourself", in 2018. They have been featured as a Critics Pick in The Nashville Scene and a featured artist on Modern City Folk, having developed a sound that mixes classic and contemporary in a way rockers of all stripes can appreciate.

In the space between their frenetic shows, they have begun work on their debut full length, an album that has allowed them to grow in all aspects and will showcase a even stronger and tighter trio of Delusions.


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Music Made Proudly in Nashville, TN

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